A Place to Talk about 3d Animation and Create Stories

Dedicate a 3D animation like any digital art means that most of the people around you do not have very clear idea. Why do so many hours on the computer, because: 3d Animation

1. A good 3D animation is slow to get:

After a 3D animation is a complex creative and technical process :

  • Design models
  • Model them in 3d
  • Textured so they look great
  • Utilize a skeleton that supports movements (rig)
  • Put them on a stage (you also have to design, modeling and texturing)
  • Ride the light
  • Place cameras
  • Give life, that is, both animate characters, objects, lights, cameras …
  • Draw renders
  • Dents mount, sound …

Each of these steps takes time and technique by the professional in charge. You must set up the machine and then give you time to do that (one to one), if it goes wrong reconfigure and release!

2. Teamwork makes your party only a piece of gear:

Sometimes your hand is very expert and has autonomy prepares itself for example the design of a character, or 3d modeling stage, but when you throw several days putting hair or putting bones, part of your job becomes difficult to show to eyes that are not experts. That if all parts of a project 3d animation are important and it is truly spectacular when all come together to give life to what you had in mind.

3. You’ve finished a job does not mean you can teach:

Each project takes a piece of you, the way you feel sensations, rhythms and smells and even from the beginning know that “the creature” does not belong to the feel of yours and those wishing to teach, how have you come, why is this and not the other way but the end user is the owner, you hand it over and you get something empty, “where live your monsters” longing to see the response it has on the audience and started to prepare the feel Project. Until the client does not launch your campaign and operate and you cannot upload to web or portfolio, it is normal, and sometimes it goes wrong a long time. It may take a month at the computer doing something you cannot learn and that after All time removed design.

3 months you still cannot see it. By widespread ignorance of the possibilities that 3D animation can provide for the generation of content and that the 3D animation and the world around (illustration, film, special effects, video games, apps, advertising, events, sound band conference developments, series, art, movies, programs …) is really exciting and goes far beyond “the movies for kids” in Mundrop have decided to create this blog. Above all we want this to be a corner box for a 3D artist because there is nothing like the “feedback”, so feel free to comment and share.

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